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It is a humid August evening, and I am riding round on my faithful white and purple DBS bicycle from 1990.

A refreshing breeze cools me as I coast down the hill from the Ekebergsletta plain, and the noise from the Norway Cup football championships fades behind me. My quest for suitable teenagers for my photo project was fruitless there. As I glide past the Jordal Stadium, the sun balances on Kampen Ridge, casting a warm spotlight on a group of girls in the grandstands. My gut feeling is good as I roll nonchalantly up to the girls.

”Hello!” I greet them. ”How old are you?” They look at me with surprise, but smiles and reply ”17”. ”Perfect!” I almost shout, as they look at me with confusion. ”I’m a photographer. Would you mind if I shadow you for the next 18 months?” They nod and smile: ”Sure, no problem.”

Since last August, I have shadowed a group of 11 girls from Jordal, at school, at birthday parties, at nail salons, at football championships, shopping, dancing, at home with their families, at surprise farewell dinners, at their summer cabins, at fitness centres and, not least, when Selma ate a cheeseburger in one bite. I’m looking forward to continuing.

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