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The photographer has a confident style and knows his craft, thanks to many years as a press photographer for a variety of Norwegian newspapers. His experience from the world of television distinguishes this photographer from the rest of the applicants, and we hope that this is something that he will carry with him into the evolution of his own photographic language.

Christiansen’s project ‘The Bloodlands’ quickly captured the editorial board’s interest, thanks both to the clear challenges inherent in the project from a purely photographic perspective, and not least because this story is important to tell. The editorial board is also of the opinion that his photography may develop further by carrying out the project, which requires that he dare to get close to individuals and tell intimate stories. Christiansen is a reliable photographer who has clear intentions for his work. He also has a strong desire to communicate stories to a broad audience.

Excerpt from the project description:

The Bloodlands

“The project ‘The Bloodlands’ is intended to tell the story of a part of Europe that was the site of hideous events under the ravages of Stalin and Hitler. It will tell of the historic legacy the people in this area still live with today, and about how the community is coloured by its past, and how that past shapes the future. The part of the world that has survived the most unprecedented heinous and agonising events of modern times is the area of Europe that makes up the Baltic States in addition to Belarus, Ukraine and Poland. This geographical area was known as the Bloodlands. How does this gory history affect the general public, and the mentality and development of Eastern European society today? In connection with ‘The Bloodlands’, by meeting with people in this area, and through pictures, film and sound recordings and historic material, I will tell the story of the violent past, the difficult present and the uncertain future.”

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