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Camilla Jensen, one of the photographers in the third round of NJP, will open his exhibition entitled ‘Quantum’ at the Lumina Gallery on 26 April. She will launch her book that bears the same name at the opening.

Over a three-year period, Jensen has explored herself photographically, a project she started while participating in the Norwegian Journal of Photography programme. The material she has collected consists of several series of self-portraits, captured as reflections in old mirrors.

During the process of self-exploration, Jensen has moved through topics such as heredity, legacy and the opportunity to break away from familial patterns.

The exhibition ’Quantum’ opens at 7 p.m. on 26 April at the Lumina Gallery. On Thursday, 3 May, the gallery will be organising a conversation between Jensen and journalist Kari Hesthamar. They will be discussing the process and the work involved in the project.

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