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For three years, former NJP photographer Jonas Bendiksen has travelled the world on a quest for Jesus.

This has resulted in the book and the exhibition entitled The Last Testament, as well as in a four-part documentary on NRK, Norwegian public television.

Up until 5 November, Bendiksen’s work can been seen at the Shoot Gallery in Oslo.

The world over, religious people are waiting for the second coming of Christ the Saviour. But is it possible that he is already here among us? This is the question Bendiksen asked himself when he set out to locate people who call themselves Jesus Christ, the Messiah, Christ the Saviour or King of the Jews. All with them have disciples and each is convinced that he is the son of God.

The photographer stated to NRK: “If one accepts this faith and the prophecy that Jesus will come again, why should he not be one of the people that I have met?

In the tiny town of Obitel Rassveta in Siberia, Jonas Bendiksen encountered a man with long hair, a beard and a white tunic. Also in Brazil, South Africa, Japan, Zambia and England, he has met and photographed people who all claim to be the son of God. The pictures and the stories from the journey have now been transformed into a book, an exhibition and a series of documentaries – see all the episodes on NRK here.

The book version of “The Last Testament” has been published by Ghost/Aperture.

Photo: Jonas Bendiksen / Magnum Photos

Photo: Jonas Bendiksen / Magnum Photos

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