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The Norwegian Journal of Photography #1 is now in print.

The Norwegian Journal of Photography #1, containing stories by the 10 photographers Andrea Gjestvang, Eivind H. Natvig, Helge Skodvin, Ellen Lande Gossner, Ingvild Vaale Arnesen, Karin Beate Nøsterud, Linda B. Engelberth, Marie Sjøvold, Monica Larsen and Oddleiv Apneseth, is being launched at the Fritt Ord Foundation in Oslo. Further information about date and time will be coming soon.

The Swedish publishing house Journal is behind the publication along with the Fritt Ord Foundation, and for the past 12 months, Gösta Flemming has worked intensely with the layout, editing and text, in collaboration with editors Rune Eraker, Laara Matsen and Espen Rasmussen.

Covering nearly 400 pages, the book is being printed in Denmark by Narayana Press.


Printing of NJP book from Espen Rasmussen on Vimeo.

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