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Northern Norway is a peculiar place. It attracts and repels. The lives, the experiences and the ‘looks’ are totally different, in the same way as the surroundings are constantly shifting. At one moment, the sun never sets, then the next, the darkness is overwhelming. Northern Norway is rife with contrasts. It is a place that offers an existence that some seek to escape, while others seek it out.

With this project, I am exploring the place where I grew up. I shadow tourists, newcomers and the local population to observe how different people experience Northern Norway. Where do all of these observations and feelings intersect? Can my images be pieces that fit together to contribute to some sort of whole that might help answer the question: What is Northern Norway?

About Lars:

Lars Martin Hunstad (b. 1990) is a Northern Norwegian documentary photographer who was educated at Bilder Nordic School of Photography in Oslo. For several years, he worked as a journalist for local newspapers in Northern Norway, before choosing to work as a photojournalist from a base in Oslo. He has supplied images to newspapers such as VG, Morgenbladet and DIE ZEIT, at the same time as he has worked on his own photo projects. In 2020, he won the ‘Open class category’ for Photo of the Year with his project ‘Bondetamp’ (‘Country Bumpkins’). That same year, he took part in a group project entitled ‘This Year’, in which 53 photographers depicted the Covid-19 pandemic in Norway over the course of a year. In 2021, the project was exhibited on several occasions, in addition to being summarised in book form and published by Molo Press.


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