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My new name is Katja

Ketil married my cousin Vanja in 2005. They have two children together, Benedicte and Sol Maria. In 2016, their father began gender-confirming treatment. Pappa’s new name is Katja.

About Jo:

Jo Straube is a photographer based in Oslo. Since graduating from Oslo University College in 2010, he has worked with long-term personal documentary projects and various types of assignments, ranging from photographs for reports, to portraits for magazines and companies, architecture or events, to production for exhibitions, and from curating to practical solutions, as well as lectures.

The book The Norwegian Library, a photo documentary about public libraries in Norway, was named the most beautiful book published in Norway in 2017.

Several of my personal projects have revolved around democracy and its fluctuations. When I visited Iceland in the wake of the financial crisis, it was to explore the state of a country admired up until then. When I made portraits of people involved in and influenced by Myanmar’s transition to democracy, it was to get a more nuanced impression of who was making the changes in that country, besides the well-known Nobel Peace Prize laureate Aung San Suu Kyi.

The reason I have driven thousands of miles to call on hundreds of libraries all over Norway is because I wanted to document the state of this democratic institution.


Selvær bibliotek
Træna, Nordland
BIB. N°: NO–2183511
Fotografert: 2016
Øya Selvær i Træna kommune har en liten bibliotekfilial som er åpen to timer i uka: mandag ettermiddag mellom klokken fem og syv.
«I en periode ble biblioteket veldig lite brukt. Jeg satt der mest alene og lånte bøker til meg selv og svigermor. Så fant jeg ut at jeg skulle prøve å friste med kaffe og noe å bite i. Den siste tida tror jeg biblioteket har blitt brukt mer enn treningsrommet.»
Janne Kristin Aspelund Stangen, som også jobber på Posten, drifter utlånet i en stilling på åtte prosent.

Sol-Maria sier god natt etter dagens utfoldelse på badestranda.

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