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Diversity, diversity, diversity

This NJP project addresses the importance of diversity in all living things. Based on the deep ecological tenets that all life has intrinsic value and that the abundance and diversity of life forms manifest these values, the project seeks to visualise the importance of diversity in plants and humans alike.

By documenting the abundant plant and human life found in Oslo and its environs, I try to show the precious resources we should care for and nurture in all living things. The importance of maintaining and allowing diversity is essential for ensuring a good future that is worth living.

About Erle:

Erle M. Kyllingmark (b. 1974) lives and works in Oslo. Since earning a BA (Hons) Photography from the London College of Printing in 1999, she has engaged in a broad range of activities involving photography and film. As a filmmaker, she has gained acclaim for her video installations for the Norwegian Opera & Ballet. Her documentary film Life is goddamn wonderful was nominated for best TV documentary in 2010. Kyllingmark generally works with her own projects and she has several separate and group exhibitions to her credit.


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