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Along with current NJP photographer Damian Heinisch, works by former NJP photographer Ulla Schildt are being shown at this year’s Autumn Exhibition in Oslo.

The photographer’s works will be on display until 14 October at the Artists’ House in Oslo. It is Ulla’s work entitled ‘Garden in Colors’, comprising three photographs, that is being displayed at the 131st Autumn Exhibition. The pictures being shown are a continuation of the project ‘The Garden’, which Ulla Schildt worked on during her stint with the Norwegian Journal of Photography.

One of jury members for this year’s exhibition, Marte Aas, said the following to the newspaper ‘Ny Tid’:

“There is clearly a willingness and a desire to discuss a new understanding of both the concept of nature and the place of humankind on earth. This may involve direct depictions in paintings, conceptual works or photographs. This may also involve works that emphasise a different concept of nature that is related to the climate threat and the Anthropocene epoch we are experiencing today.

The Autumn Exhibition is one of the year’s most popular exhibitions in Oslo, and it will be open until 14 October.

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