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Knut Egil Wang travelled along the San Andreas Fault in California for nearly two years, documenting the people and the landscape there. The financial daily Dagens Næringsliv’s Saturday Supplement recently published excerpts from his project. 

As Wang’s contribution to the Norwegian Journal of Photography, the project and the story can be appreciated in it’s entirety in the new NJP book scheduled for release this spring.

Geologists say that a violent earthquake in California is long overdue. Referred to as ‘The Big One’, the quake is expected to be the most powerful ever recorded in California.

It will be triggered along the San Andreas Fault, where the Pacific plate and the North American continental plate press against each other. Knut Egil Wang’s images are from the fault line, stretching from the Coachella Valley in the south to Shelter Cove in the north.

See the story in Dagens Næringsliv here.


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