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Natvig is a photographer who has demonstrated that he is in the process of developing his own distinctive visual language.

He operates in the interface between photojournalism and art photography, and his photos investigate this particular space. The editors believe that Natvig’s project on the subject of Norway could have exciting photographic results, and could serve to enhance the photographer’s further development both as a visual artist and as a storyteller.

Excerpt from the project description

Du er her/You are here

This is another Norway. Not the traditional view of beautiful fjords and pictures of lovely girls in national costumes taken in the springtime. These show the beauty inherent in everyday life and routine realities. Images stolen from a film about Norway that was never made. If you look carefully and freeze reality, it is filled with beauty. I took photographs for this report in 2010, from Kvinesdal in the south to Svalbard in the north, and I visited every county in Norway during this project. I also made eight reports on municipalities, which provided me with an important foundation for my further work. I want to portray the Norway that I love and hate simultaneously, a place that gives me sickening claustrophobia and extraordinary freedom at one and the same time. I have been playing with several scenarios for the future: buying a van and camping out for six months all over the country, sleeping in the car along the roadside. Knocking on people’s doors and meeting them on their turf.

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