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NJP photographer Katinka Goldberg’s exhibition at the Bomuldsfabriken Art Centre in Arendal will open on 2 March. She will also be releasing a new book.

‘Ruptures’ is accompanied by the Swedish artist Stig Lundgren’s paintings and drawings. Thematically, the works of the two are linked because both take their point of departure in emotions. Through photos, Goldberg uses the concrete outer reality to visualise an abstract inner reality. Lundgren works in the same way with paintings.

By breaking up the conventional way of showing photos, Katinka Goldberg is moving towards  Lundgren’s strategy. Together, they can thereby create a visual dialogue that enables them to both challenge and reinforce each other.

The exhibition at the Bomuldsfabriken Art Centre in Arendal will also experiment with how photographs are presented to create a visual space for the viewer.

«I want to make the medium of photography more expressive, playful and more accessible to the public», comments Goldberg.

The book and the exhibition ‘Ruptures’ are a continuation of Goldberg’s first book, ‘Surfacing’. The project is divided into three segments, based on themes involving relations, identity and the absence of a feeling of belonging. Part three of this project will be the story she has worked on for the past two years with the Norwegian Journal of Photography: Shtumer Alef.

The exhibition is also part of the Cultural Backpack’s programme for 2019, and it will be open until the beginning of May 2019.

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