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Despite the fact that Margaret M. de Lange has lived and worked in Norway, thus far she has chosen to show her works outside the country. Although less well-known here in Norway, this photographer is in the process of taking the gallery world by storm with her characteristic expressions in black & white, not least at her one-woman show at Fotografiska (Photographic) in Stockholm.

She is arguably best-known for the project ‘Daughters’, but she has consolidated her own form of expression in her most recent project ‘Surrounded by no one’ about people who are outsiders. While part of NJP, she will continue to pursue this topic through the project ‘Invisible scars’.

Excerpt from the project description

Invisible scars

Invisible scars’ is a natural continuation of my last project ‘Surrounded by no one’. I take pictures based on my gut feelings. On instinct. Like keeping a journal. I constantly photograph what is around me, and those who are around me. My family, my friends, those I am very close to, but sometimes also perfect strangers. People and situations I am attracted to, and that offer something with which I can identify. I have always been attracted to the dark side of human nature. The side of us that we don’t like to show. Where the invisible scars are located. Those that shape us. The only things I can photograph in a credible manner involve my feelings and my reality. Through this, seen through my eyes, I hope that others can find elements they can identify with. Recognition is important to identify who we are and what we carry with us. The loneliness we feel, even in the company of others. Loneliness, even though in today’s world we are more social, both on the Internet and otherwise, than ever before.

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