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Arnesen has developed a tough, provocative visual language in black and white, in the border zone between art and photojournalism. Her photographs are intimate and painful, experimental and assertive.

She plans to work on a project about teenagers that calls for precisely this closeness to the subjects. The NJP editors believe that her approach to photography will help foster stimulating discussions within the group and serve as an inspiration, at the same time we believe that encountering other styles and approaches will help her to develop further.


Excerpt from the project description

Early Womanhood

I want to investigate the identity of young Norwegian girls. In a world that is even tougher than when I grew up, young women and men are formed by ideals that could be perceived as inhuman. I want to meet these girls without resorting to clichés and without prejudice. I want to follow 4 to 6 teenage girls over a period of time that will let me gain insight into their lives and thoughts. I do not want the girls to know each other, so they will live in different areas of Norway. I want the photographs to focus on the girls and their relationships with themselves.

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