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Gossner is a personal and enthusiastic storyteller whose project proposal demonstrates that she is a photographer who wants to work within a more clearly delineated framework than the other photographers.

She takes her time in approaching a quiet, secluded environment, while her pictures, often taken with a 6×6 format camera, have a direct and easygoing style.

Excerpt from the project description

The Deaconesses

«Deaconesses are the closest you can come to nuns in the Church of Norway. Around 30 older women, aged 70-100, who have been deaconesses for their entire adult lives, are living at Lovisenberg in Oslo. They are the last remnants of a history combining women, work and religion that I feel should be documented before it vanishes completely. I want to photograph these women and listen to their stories before they are gone. Several of them are living as retired deaconesses in the vicinity of the Deaconess Home at Lovisenberg. I have already started to meet the women. I plan to shadow them for a year or so. These women are part of a culture that is uncommon, but still reflects something of the traditions of our country.»

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